Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation launched a campaign for young ambassadors on Earth Day

Young people, that will investigate and speak up their view on the inter-linkages between climate change, ecosystem services and as a whole, life on Earth, will have opportunity to take part in the new project „Game On | Don’t let climate change end the game!”.

The new opportunity was launched exactly on World Earth Day, 22 April, with a video teaser and announcements in social media. This year, the theme of World Earth Day is climate action. The enormous challenge — but also the vast opportunities — of action on climate change have distinguished the issue as the most pressing topic for the 50th anniversary.

“This is why we are searching for the future scientists, entrepreneurs, activists and artists that will help us with their innovative ideas, research and communication projects to inform and engage Bulgarian society, to prepare people for action and to call together for more sustainable business models and policy. We will take care together for ourselves and our nature:, says Yordanka Slavova, project manager from BBF.

BBF is the organisation to coordinate all actions on “Game On!” project in Bulgaria. With this project BBF continues its mission to actively raise awareness on the most urgent problems and potential solutions with the participation of all stakeholders. The aim of the project is to support mitigation and adaptation measures that need to be done in all fields of life and science. Examples are changes to be taken in our architecture and urban planning, in forest management of agriculture, in technologies and economy. The project will focus, together with its young ambassadors, on all level sof responsibility to limit climate change: individual behaviour change, collective actions and political decisions to support our world to continue to be habitable.

The “Game On!” project is based on the experience of 10 partners form 8 European counties on biodiversity research and nature protection, on communication and awareness raising campaigns, on advocacy and empowerment of communities to insist on sustainable policies and regional development. The project will make us feel more connected between the countries and support the most affected from climate change countries in South America.

If you want to become a young ambassador on climate change in your country, contact us to help ypu meet our partners from Roumania, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Germany and Slovakia ot follow the international “Game on!” Facebook page and “Game on!” landing website.

The project is implemented with the financial support of DEAR (Development Education Awareness Raising) Program of the European commission in the period 1.11.2019 – 30.10.2023.

For more information on the project activities in Bulgaria, check on https://gameon.biodiversity.bg/